Home Isn't a Place

It's a Feeling

portrait of photographer Kristen Holm

In-home Calgary newborn photography for modern families

Hello! I'm Kristen 

I specialize in in-home Calgary newborn photography

They say there's no place like home. This is especially true when it comes to newborn photos. In-home newborn photography gives you the chance to slow down and enjoy some quiet time together as a new family.

The first few weeks can be hectic and everyone will be be fussing over your sweet beautiful baby. While they are all fussing, I see you. I watch you gaze lovingly at your child. I see what life is like in your home and the nursery that you lovingly decorated. This gives me a tiny glimpse into your special brand of motherhood. I see how deeply you love your baby and that your family means everything. I watch you slow down, and soak in those newborn snuggles. Watching all of this, I get an idea of what home means to you.

One day, your little baby will grow up and hold your photographs in their hands. They will see what your home looked like “back in the day”.  It will make them smile and maybe even laugh a little. Your baby will also see the  joy on your face and feel your love. One day this child will be reminded of how lucky they are to have such a wonderful mother. All from looking at a photograph that I had the privilege of taking.

Let's capture this exciting moment in your baby's story and turn it into art your family will cherish for years to come. 

What My Clients are Saying

portrait of photographer Kristen Holm

"We loved working with Kristen and would recommend her and her services to anyone!"

A Note From Rochelle and Kerry

Kristen was amazing, and very flexible. When we first began talking, we couldn’t pick a date due to our NICU stay. When we were finally done at the hospital, Kristen worked around our crazy schedule! She also made sure that we had a voice in the photos. We loved working with Kristen and would recommend her and her services to anyone! It’s crazy to look back and see how small he was! 

Click here to see Rochelle and Kerry's photos on the blog

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