I'm Kristen

As a mom to two, I get it. The time we have with our children is never enough. 

One day, they are tiny babies in your arms and the next you are sending them off to school. They grow up so fast. You want to remember it all. Those rosy little cheeks, soft thigh rolls, wispy baby curls and wide eyes filled with childlike wonder. 

I’m Kristen Holm, a newborn, child and family photographer who specializes in film photography. I’m here to help you slow down and appreciate life with small children. Instead of asking you to smile and look at the camera, I focus on real connections and authentic emotions. My clients often describe my photographs as soft, relaxed, natural and bright. I believe in the power of prints and that family heirlooms are created when you free your photos from your hard drive. 

My personal experience with motherhood has inspired me to focus on photographing families, newborns and small children. Photography first became a passion of mine while completing my BA in the History of Art, Design and Visual Culture. 

I am a sentimental romantic who loves life’s little luxuries. I am married to an incredibly patient man named Eric. We live in central Calgary in a 100 year old house with our two small children, Luca and Eloise. I believe having a career and time to focus on creative pursuits makes me a better mom. Fresh flowers, date nights with my husband, handmade gifts and strong cocktails fill my life with joy.

Documenting the time when your children are small is something you will never regret. Let’s create heirlooms for your beautiful family. I look forward to meeting you and working with your family!

Photos by Justine Milton

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