Session Information

Where do your sessions take place?

We will work together to pick the perfect location for your photoshoot. At the time of booking, I'll ask you to start thinking about the spaces and places that hold meaning for your family. I love photographing families in their homes. Imagine family photos in your favourite sunny corner, on your front porch or under that lilac tree that you love in the backyard. We could also venture further afield and spend some time out and about in Calgary. I'd love to check out your regular brunch or coffee spot, the park where your kids run free or maybe explore a favourite hike or family cabin.

When do newborn sessions take place?

Newborn sessions take place sometime between birth and 2 months. If your session takes place in the first two weeks, you will get lots of sleepy, curly baby photos. If you wait a bit longer, your newborn will be more alert and we can get beautiful photos of baby making eye contact and interacting with you and your family. 

Why do you shoot film?

There is something so special about film. I love the creamy skin tones, beautiful bokeh and tonal range that this medium offers. Film feels classic, nostalgic and a bit soft and grainy. For me, these qualities perfectly encapsulate how a memory should feel. Film forces me to slow down and be present in the moment. While I do love shooting film, a digital camera is still vital to my workflow. I am so thankful for my digital camera when I am shooting in low light. 

Will I get digital files after my session?

All of my packages include high resolution digital files. You will recieve a minimum of 50 digital files (each one comes in colour as well as black and white) in a private viewing gallery. Every session you book with me also includes a photo album and the opportunity to buy additional prints and products. For more information, check out my pricing page

Can I bring props to my newborn session? 

I respectfully ask that you refrain from bringing any newborn costumes and props to your session. I value providing my clients with timeless portraits that can be cherished for generations. I do my best to avoid current trends, and prefer to focus on photographing beautiful and authentic moments.

I am happy to incorporate family heirlooms and things that are meaningful to you. I often photograph babies wrapped in blankets handmade by mom or grandma. My own children were photographed wearing a sweater that was knit for my husband by his grandmother when he was a new baby. 

Help! I’m really nervous about having my photo taken.

I totally get, I feel self conscious about how I look in photos too. Here is the pep talk I give myself before I have to be in a photo. Be bold. Get in the frame. Stop letting society police your body and tell you that you are not thin, beautiful or perfect enough to be in a photograph. Remember that you are your harshest critic and that your children will look back at these photos and remember how beautiful you are. 

How do I book a session with you?

I'm so glad you asked! Send me an email at: or visit my contact page. I am so excited to get to know you and your family!